Sunday, February 26, 2012

Darn Slow Internet Service...

I shouldn't complain at all actually, at least we have internet!  But after a time you kind of forget that and revert back to thinking you are in civilization and it should be faster.  Oh well.  I'm going to post some pictures here because I can't get them posted on facebook so I hope you can see them.

As for the gate, we've heard a couple of different things which neither of them could be the way it turns out of course.  Supposedly the deadline for this well is March 15, we'll see if that happens.  I know that we have lucked out with this gate because it's a slow one with no night visitors but I have to say, it sure is relaxing.  The problem is that we are getting spoiled which is going to make it tough
when we have a normal busy gate! Lol! 

Oh, yesterday, David our field service guy saw a cougar just 3 miles down our dirt road!  Thank heavens the dogs can't run loose!


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